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Dyson - tech to solve air polution

Celebrating Earth Day: Will these futuristic ideas end our global air pollution crisis?


Air pollution is an issue that's plagued the modern world since the dawn of industrialisation. With countries on lockdown around the globe due to COVID-19 and fewer emissions from travel and traffic, attention has turned to the possibility of a pollution-less future. 

Celebrating Earth Day, we take a look at the bold, new technologies from today’s brightest minds that have the power to clean up tomorrow’s air. From hypoallergenic cats to 100-metre-high air cleaning skyscrapers, here's our top 10.


22 April 2020

This article first appeared in The air quality crisis issue of Dyson On: magazine. 

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Xi’an air cleaning tower
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Bionic chandelier
Dyson Purifyer

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