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Dyson Cu-Beam Duo logo
Dyson Cu-beam Duo light.

Cu-Beam Duo suspended light

Powerful and precise. Fully flexible up and down-light.

Other colours available, contact us for more details.

• Heat pipe technology maintains LED brightness

• Two custom lenses focus 9400 lumens. From just two LEDs.

• Custom-built driver controls direction, dimming and ratio of light

• Available in two colour temperatures (4000K and 3000K)


1,458.33€ excluding VAT

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Key features

Dyson Cu-beam Duo light.

Maximum efficiency. Minimum waste.

Ricochet™ technology uses one-touch shutters and a reflective surface, to convert unused down-light into usable, useful up-light. Combined with the efficiency of Heat Pipe technology, no light – or power – goes to waste.

Demonstration of Cu-Beam Duo light providing solely up light
Demonstration of Cu-Beam Duo light providing solely up light

Fully flexible light. Up and down.

A custom-built driver controls the direction, dimming and ratio of powerful up and down-light. From a wide pool for presentations, to a focused pyramid on work surfaces, Cu-Beam Duo light covers any task, at any time.

Key technology

Heat Pipe technology maintains LED brightness

Continuous cooling cycle increases the single LED's longevity with no loss or deterioration of light quality. 

Two custom lenses focus 9400 lumens. From just 2 LEDs.

The custom-engineered lenses optimise the output of two high-power LEDs.

High efficacy

Heat Pipe technology effectively cools the Cu-Beam Duo light, so it can run at 107lm/W (3000K) / 113lm/W (4000K).

Additional features

Fluorescent lighting is flawed, LEDs can be misused

Commercial lighting largely relies on inefficient, costly fluorescent bulbs or the ineffective use of multiple LEDs. Cu-Beam Duo ensures no light is wasted, providing effective up and down light.

Powerful up and down-lighting

Combined, the two high-power LEDs can project 9400 lumens at 4000K. Heat Pipe technology cools the LEDs to optimise longevity, without loss of brightness.

Controlled pyramid of down-light

Mounted at 1.3m above the task area, the down-light projects 722lx evenly over an area of 3.2m x 1.6m.

Glare and flicker control

One-touch shutters hide glare from users. Line of sight and reduce glare to below 1%.

Light, precisely where you need it

Two custom-engineered lenses and adjustable one-touch shutters precisely focus the two high-power LEDs.

Wide distribution of up-light

Suspended at 400mm from the ceiling, the up-light illuminates evenly over an area of 4m.


  • Weight

    3.24 kg

Illustration of Dyson Cu-Beam Duo dimensions
  • Height

    97 mm

  • Length

    725 mm

  • Width

    206 mm

Useful documents

Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to clean the Cu-Beam Duo?

Use a microfibre cloth, or solvent- and moisture-free compressed air canister, to clean the appliance. Always ensure the appliance is turned off before any cleaning.

Can I use the Cu-Beam Duo outside?

The appliance is designed for dry, indoor locations only.

Operating environment range 0°C (32°F) to 40°C (104°F) and 10-95% RH non-condensing.

Is this type of lighting compatible with a wide variety of dimmer switches?

This appliance is compatible with DALI and analogue dimmer products.

Dyson Cu-Beam Duo logo
Dyson Cu-beam Duo light.

Cu-Beam Duo suspended light


1,458.33€ excluding VAT

Choose your model

Dyson Cu-Beam Duo light

Dyson Cu-Beam Duo suspended light

Powerful and precise. Fully flexible up and down-light.

• Dimensions: L 725 x W 206 x H 97mm


1,458.33€ excluding VAT

Dyson Cu-Beam Down light

Dyson Cu-Beam Down suspended light

Powerful, focused light. From one LED. In a single fixture.

• Dimensions: L 720 x W 130 x H 170 mm


1,250.00€ excluding VAT

Dyson Cu-Beam Up light

Dyson Cu-Beam Up suspended light

An ultra-wide distribution of powerful up-light.

• Dimensions: L 720 x W 130 x H 203 mm


1,250.00€ excluding VAT

2 people at work using Dyson Lightcycle desk lights

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